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Pause. Take a break and allow yourself to breath.

Our Silk Beginnings

Aphrodite Mulberry Silk came to be because I was tired, overwhelmed, and I was having terrible mum guilt. Throughout this pandemic, with no traveling in sight, I was working more and longer hours, and I wasn't taking breaks or taking care of myself.


One evening after a particularly long day, I arrived home from work, greeted my family and went straight to my room to chill out. I took a luxurious bath, and afterwards I remember wishing that I had some beautiful, soft, silk pyjamas to continue my self-care routine into bed and throughout the night. But I only had my old baggy t-shirt and shorts.


In that moment the seed was planted, and not long after Aphrodite Mulberry Silk was born. So you can probably understand why I am so passionate about this brand - our mission is to encourage you to pause, breathe, relax in the moment and enjoy this luxury every day with us. And along with your elegant gift, each box includes a powerful and special message in a bottle, to support and inspire you, written by some extraordinary women.


We have an affordable, gorgeous range of 100% silk accessories available right now to help you continue your self-care. The pj's are my ultimate dream yet to come - a work in progress - but highly anticipated in the near future.



Jacquiline Hamilton

About Jacquiline

Mother  • Entrepreneur • Author​

Jacquiline Hamilton is a Botswana-born, HK-based momma to twin boys, hair salon owner, and published author.


Looking for a way to deal with the day-to-day juggle, her chronic high blood pressure, and anxiety, and other health issues, Jacqui turned to blogging and writing poetry.  


Jacqui loves to express her feelings and share her experiences as she navigates life, striving for balance and fulfilment.  Driven by a passion to connect, help and inspire others facing similar challenges, Jacqui opens her heart and her world - and covers topics ranging from parenthood, mental and physical health, and lifestyle tips.


Jacqui moved to Hong Kong with her husband Graham in September 2013 and quickly settled into Hong Kong life and the Sai Kung community.  A hairdresser by trade, Jacqui always had a dream to one day open her hair salon.  She was busy freelancing in various salons around Sai Kung when Jacqui and her husband welcomed their twin boys in May 2016.  A year after her boys were born, Jacqui went back to freelancing, and soon found herself catering to a niche market - house calls for moms with babies and young children who wanted to get their hair done while being home with the kids. 


As a first-time, sleep-deprived mom herself, Jacqui could relate to the needs of her house call clients.  And it was from these personal interactions in her clients' homes that Jacqui formed a vision of what type of salon she wanted to open - a place that not only provided first-class hair services but for it to be a sanctuary where her clients felt safe and pampered.


In September 2018, Jacqui's dream became reality, and she opened Aphrodite Hair and Make-Up Salon.  Ready for the next challenge, Jacqui then channeled her energy into writing her first children's book: The Sai Kung Police Officers.  Running the salon and promoting the book, Jacqui had fulfilled two major life goals.  Yet, at the same time, Jacqui was dealing with chronic high blood pressure.  Jacqui had been suffering from this condition for most of her adult life, and it was taking a toll on her physically and emotionally. 


With a young family to consider, Jacqui was determined to take control of her health and explored various alternative therapies alongside Western medicine.  This part of her health journey led Jacqui to publish her next book: A Walk Through Healing.  It is a collection of poems reflecting Jacqui's innermost thoughts as she struggled with her physical and emotional health.


In March 2020, Jacqui's world was turned upside down.  COVID-19 was spreading across the globe, and Jacqui was ordered into a Hong Kong government quarantine facility after having being deemed a close contact of a salon client who was tested COVID-19 positive.  Separated from her family, and having to spend her 40th birthday alone in quarantine, Jacqui used writing and video sessions as an outlet for her emotions during her time in isolation. 


From this experience, another book was born: Ordinary Twins - Momma, What is Coronavirus?  An illustrated children's book that aims to help parents discuss the Coronavirus with their children, in a fun and age-appropriate manner.


And so, the journey continues... bringing us to the present...


Mulberry Silk Born December 2020

Honestly, I felt lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not being able to travel to see my loved ones took a toll on me both mentally and physically.

Inspired by my emotions, I created a luxury silk accessory gift box that aims to have a purpose to connect us. The aim is to create a ripple effect that encourages women to inspire each other to take a step back, pause, breathe, and appreciate beautiful moments in your life. That's why each beautiful Aphrodite Mulberry Silk box comes with a "Message In A Bottle", you can write a heartfelt message to the receiver of the box to make them feel extra special! 

3 Reasons Why All The Ladies Are Grabbing Our Mulberry Silk Box Set

1. Inspiration

Ladies feel Inspired to pause for a moment and relax when you open your Aphrodite Mulberry Silk Box.

2. Creates a sense of self care

You are worth your self-care mentally and physically.

3. Feel supported and connected

Your Aphrodite Mulberry Silk box set includes an encouraging message in a bottle that is written by other beautiful women for you.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Linda Hung

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