Ladies Night ... Social, Shop & Drink

Hey there.

Oh yes, please. Who doesn't like shopping and drinking?! What is even better than shopping and drinking is FREE prices and vouchers to make your outing extra fun.

Honestly, I know it's been a hard year for us, and with the quarantine restrictions in Hong Kong that is making traveling complicated WE need a break to just let go of all that stress. Even if it is for a couple of hours. Come and unwind. We got you covered for a fun night!

Pop over on the 15th July 2021 at the Hive Sai Kung to mingle and meet other women to uplift each other and share in great conservations about our fabulous "would have" vacations

Aphrodite Mulberry Silk is joining forces with the amazing Tara Alderson from The Bali Box and Henrie Hutchings from Vino Artisan Wines on this exciting collaboration to support each other on this boss lady journey. Regardless of all the ups and downs, there is always a reason to smile. If your smile is a bit sad we are here to support you.

I know retail therapy hits the spot for me.

What is in store for this amazing night!!

For any information, you can WhatsApp me on 6340 5510.

I am excited to celebrate with you on the 15th. You deserve that break!!

Kind Regards.